Constant soldier
/ poetry

(partial outtake)
my life goes floating by
and I
could I do otherwise
postphone the final question
to your answer
I love who I love
could that just be me

all these visions
I don’t want to see
it’s embarrasing
I don’t want to
open my eyes no more

but me
the ultimate Cortez
is going, going, gone
and my lonely friends
will sway and
dance, dance, dance
to the question –
I am who I was or
could have been
if your vivid imagination
would not have been
occupied or dead
so long honey babe
so long dizzy stage
I will make it all up
to me

and it’s going to be the day
where on we
will walk up to the grave
and discuss and wonder
the reason and typography
of it all
and I am

A constant soldier
Sometime poet
And I will be