Looking for John Graham (Graeme) Page
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Looking for John Graham (Graeme) Page

This is a photo I took of John Graham (Graeme) Page in the beginning of the eighties in Amsterdam, Holland were Graeme (the way he spelled his name at the time) lived until about 1989 when he returned to England.
He grew up in England but spend a lot of years down under around his twenties.
After that he attended Art College in Bradford at some time.

He must be about 60 years now, I think he was born around 1947. (birthday July 13)
We used to be rather close, we spoke almost daily for about 7 years.
I really would like to get in contact with him for all the good reasons.
The last I’ve heard from him was around 1997 when he lived in Brighton in the south of England.

Any help is really welcome!